Gunungkidul experience in Nglanggeran Village

Here I want to share my experience to stay in Nglanggeran for 1month actually I never stay in One village for long, before I use to explore my country like 1/2weeks.And now I have to stay in Nglanggeran village for 3months to do my internship Here. It's like kaind of challenge for my life to learn how to stay in one village for long and learn a lot of things. Meet new people, new culture,new food,new eviroment it's such a nice experience for me. I can learn how to communicate and adapt with a new place and new culture. People here in Nglanggeran they a lot of beautiful nature here many things we can learn. Wake up and see the beautiful view of the mountain and the nature it's super amazing for me yes my only problem it's only about connection and it's make me crazy something but live it's not only about technology. I use this chance to learn and learn. So if you come to Yogyakarta you should visit Nglanggeran village like 3-4days here do you can see all the beautiful things here.