Beautiful of Nglanggeran

second article of nglanggeran.last week we was explort around nglanggeran again with the visitor from desa gombong to study compare or in bahasa (study banding) here in nglanggeran they also produss milk and cokelat they call it susu kambing and griya's my first time to try the milk from goat i just the milk from cow of course everyone knows here in nglanggeran they have alot of goat it's the one of potencial here.for the milk they have to press it and put in the frezer before 2hours and then they will cook and mix with yogurt. for the cokelat they have alot of coco (three of cokelat) in nglanggeran they a griya cokelat in the griya cokelat they product the banana cokelat, dodol, coffee cokelat freom the milk of goat and alot of cokelat if you never try this all you should come and visit nglaggeran and you can try to make it and learn here.